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Welcome to the online edition of the Pomoerium. Volume 4 is now available. Articles are available in PDF files.


Contents - vol. 4/2000-2002

Eugenio Amato (Salerno)

Favorino e la critica scettica alla divinazione artificiale


Philippe Badot - Daniel De Decker (Charleroi - Bielefeld)

Unter welchen Umständen entstand das Phänomen der Intoleranz in unserer Menschheitsgeschichte?


Michael Bakaoukas (Agios Nikolaos/Salamis)

Understanding Ancient Greek Biographies, or Solon`s Forgotten Descent


Ryszarda Bulas (Lublin)

The Crossing of the Red Sea as Akedah in the Synagogue at Dura Europos (mid. 3rd c. A.D.). An Analysis of Message Structure in a Work of Plastic Art


Francisco-Javier Casinos-Mora (València)

Propter absentiam victus. Note sulla condanna automatica del contumace nel processo formulare


Kevin Croxen (Cambridge, Mass.)

Lupum fieri: Werewolf Versipellis and Virgil’s Eclogue 8


Frédéric Davidovits (Caen)

La calcination d’une chaux hydraulique chez Vitruve (II, 5)


Jorge M. Davidson (Rio de Janeiro)

Derecho e ideología en la Roma tardo-republicana


Olivier Devillers (Montpellier)

Les origines de la légende des frères Philènes


Michel Dubuisson (Liège)

La vie quotidienne à Rome: Considerations intempestives


Fee-Alexandra Haase (Cheju City)

Genus. Gattung. Genre, Gender: Zur Konstitution, Überlieferung und Anwendung von systematischen Begriffen als universelle Kategorien der Oralität und Literalität in historischen Kulturmodellen



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The project Pomoerium will focus on the achievements of classics-related sciences, and examine socio-economic and religious transformations, not as a stream of disjointed events, but as an intelligible and determinate process, whether involving a shorter or a longer time span.
It constitutes the efforts to render accessible to the interested public hardly-known ideas, journals and books and aims to contribute to the exploration and understanding of religious and socio-economic processes in the classical antiquity and provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of their various aspects.
Finally it serves furthermore as a naturally forum for the presentation and discussion of noteworthy issues, including the presentation of minority or at times controversial points of view.
Journal: Deadline for completed texts is September 30, 2007, however submissions are encouraged at all times and will be considered for the next upcoming issues.

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