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vol. 1, 1945:

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  • Raphael TAUBENSCHLAG, Customary law & custom in the papyri, pp. 41-54
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  • Adolf BERGER, Raphael TAUBENSCHLAG, Bibliography, pp. 152-155




The project Pomoerium will focus on the achievements of classics-related sciences, and examine socio-economic and religious transformations, not as a stream of disjointed events, but as an intelligible and determinate process, whether involving a shorter or a longer time span.
It constitutes the efforts to render accessible to the interested public hardly-known ideas, journals and books and aims to contribute to the exploration and understanding of religious and socio-economic processes in the classical antiquity and provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of their various aspects.
Finally it serves furthermore as a naturally forum for the presentation and discussion of noteworthy issues, including the presentation of minority or at times controversial points of view.
Journal: Deadline for completed texts is September 30, 2007, however submissions are encouraged at all times and will be considered for the next upcoming issues.

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